How to Stake NEAR (NEAR)

Near is a decentralized application platform that runs on the NEAR Protocol blockchain. This blockchain, which runs across hundreds of machines around the world, is organized to be permissionless, performant and secure enough to create a strong and decentralized data layer for the new web.

Follow these steps to stake NEAR tokens:
1. Access Your Near Wallet
2. Select Staking
3. Choose Validator
4. Set Stake Amount
5. Confirm the Transaction
6. Return to Your Wallet Dashboard (Optional)

STEP 1 – Access Your NEAR Wallet

STEP 2 – Select Staking

STEP 3 – Choose Validator

Step 4 – Set Stake Amount

Step 5 – Confirm the Transaction

Step 6 – Return to Your Wallet Dashboard (Optional)

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Whether you’re a foundation, venture capital firm, large token holder, or fiduciary, our staking
infrastructure will ensure your tokens are secure and accessible.