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Non-custodial staking platform on the most promising Proof of
Stake blockchains.

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About Us

Stake101 runs Blockchain Node Validations and invests in early-stage crypto and blockchain enterprises, as well as providing liquidity in DeFi applications, with the proceeds. From early-stage through growth-at-scale, we support and guide our portfolio firms, founders, and teams with a wide range of hands-on growth and governance advice services. Our expertise is in accelerating growth in new areas while also scaling company strategies.

Our Founder

The vision behind Stake101 comes from the mind of our tech founder, Vinayak Kalra. His expertise in the technology sector has been the driving force behind this initiative. In addition to Stake101, Vinayak is the founder of QuadB Tech, Mining Devs and the CTO at Finstreet.

"The era of blockchain has arrived and it is here to stay. We simply want to do our part in preparing our people for it."

Supported Blockchains

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Our Team

We are proud of our great team. The most motivated and enthusiastic people we have,
and are always ready and willing to help out where needed.


Anuj Singh

Project Manager

Kartik Ahuja

Lead Engineer

Rohit Kumar

Senior Engineer

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